554 5.7.5 permanent error evaluating DMARC policy

What is 554 5.7.5 permanent error evaluating DMARC policy

The error message you encountered, “554 5.7.5 permanent error evaluating DMARC policy,” indicates that the receiving mail server encountered a permanent error while evaluating the DMARC policy of the sender’s domain. This error typically means that the DMARC policy of the domain is misconfigured or not properly set up.

To resolve this issue, the sender or the domain administrator should review and correct the DMARC policy for their domain. Here are some steps to consider:


1. Check DMARC record: 

Ensure that the DMARC record for the domain is correctly configured in the DNS (Domain Name System) settings. The DMARC record should specify the desired policy, such as “none,” “quarantine,” or “reject,” and include the necessary alignment settings for SPF and DKIM.



2.Validate SPF and DKIM

Make sure that the SPF and DKIM records for the domain are properly set up and aligned with the DMARC policy. SPF verifies the sending server’s IP address, while DKIM verifies the email’s digital signature. Both need to align with the domain’s DMARC policy to pass authentication checks

3.Monitor DMARC reports:

Enable DMARC reporting to receive regular reports about email authentication results. These reports can help identify any issues or anomalies in the email delivery process and assist in troubleshooting DMARC policy errors.

4.Seek professional assistance:

If you’re unsure about how to configure or troubleshoot DMARC policies, consider consulting with an email deliverability expert or your domain provider’s support team. They can provide guidance and assistance tailored to your specific situation.

By reviewing and adjusting the DMARC policy, ensuring proper alignment with SPF and DKIM, and monitoring the DMARC reports, you can resolve the “554 5.7.5 permanent error evaluating DMARC policy” error and improve email deliverability for your domain.

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