The StreamYard

StreamYard is a browser-based live streaming platform that offers a wide array of features designed to make live streaming accessible to everyone. One of its standout features is its user-friendly interface, which allows content creators to set up and manage live streams with ease.

Browser-Based Convenience

One of the most significant advantages of StreamYard is its browser-based nature. Users can access StreamYard from their preferred web browser without the need for any additional software installations or downloads. This eliminates compatibility issues and ensures that StreamYard is accessible on both Windows and macOS platforms.

Multi-Platform Streaming

StreamYard excels in simplifying the complex task of streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously. With just a few clicks, users can broadcast their live content to platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more. This versatility allows content creators to reach a broader audience and engage with viewers across various social media channels simultaneously.

1. **How to do restream with StreamYard?**

   StreamYard simplifies the process of multi-streaming, often referred to as “restreaming.” To restream with StreamYard, follow these steps:

   – Go to the StreamYard dashboard.

   – Start setting up your broadcast as you normally would by adding your destinations (e.g., Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn).

   – Once your destinations are set, click on “Go Live” or “Schedule for later” to start your broadcast.

   – StreamYard will simultaneously stream your content to all the selected destinations, allowing you to reach a broader audience across different platforms.

2. **Does StreamYard work with Zoom?**

   StreamYard and Zoom serve different purposes. StreamYard is primarily a live streaming platform, while Zoom is designed for video conferencing and webinars. While they can be used together in certain scenarios (e.g., using Zoom for a webinar and streaming it to social media using StreamYard), they are not integrated platforms. StreamYard does have its video conferencing feature for bringing guests into your live stream.

3. **How long can you be live using StreamYard?**

   StreamYard offers different time limits for live broadcasts based on your subscription plan:

   – Free plan: Up to 20 hours of streaming per month.

   – Basic plan: Up to 4 hours per stream.

   – Professional plan: Up to 8 hours per stream.

   – Business plan: Up to 8 hours per stream.

4. **How much does StreamYard cost?**

   StreamYard offers different pricing plans to suit various user needs:

   – Free plan: Limited features with StreamYard branding.

   – Basic plan: $25/month (billed annually) or $49/month (billed monthly).

   – Professional plan: $49/month (billed annually) or $99/month (billed monthly).

   – Business plan: Custom pricing for large organizations.

   Each plan offers a different set of features, including stream duration, branding, and more.

5. **Can you use StreamYard with Zoom?**

   While StreamYard and Zoom serve different purposes, you can use them together in specific scenarios. For example, you can host a webinar or online event on Zoom and then use StreamYard to live stream the Zoom meeting to various social media platforms. This allows you to reach a larger online audience. However, they are not integrated platforms, so you would need to manage the two services separately.

6. **Can you pre-record on StreamYard?**

   Yes, StreamYard allows you to pre-record content for later use. You can schedule broadcasts for a future date and time or record content in advance and then play it during your live stream. This feature is particularly useful for content creators who want to ensure a polished and error-free presentation during their live broadcasts

StreamYard Details